The growth, structure and properties of sputtered barium titanate thin films

  • Robert M. Newman

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


The design and construction of a sputtering system for the deposition of barium titanate thin films is described. The growth and structure of barium titanate films deposited on a variety of substrates including amorphous carbon fi1ms, potassium bromide single crystals, and polycrystalline gold films has been studied. Films deposited on all substrates at room temperature were amorphous. Polycrystalline titanate films were formed on polycrystalline and amorphous substrates at temperatures above 450°C while films with a pronounced texture could be expitaxially deposited on single crystal potassium bromide above a temperature of only 200°C. Results of dielectric measurements made on the films are reported. Amorphous films were highly insulating (resistivities ~1014 with dielectric
constants of between 10 and 20.
Date of AwardSept 1972
Original languageEnglish


  • growth
  • structure
  • properties
  • sputtered barium titanate thin films

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