The Kinetics of Mould growth in Aerobic Tower Fermenters

  • Gwilym G. Morris

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


This study deals with the growth of fungi on low grade agricultural
carbohydrate sources in tower fermenters. - The tower or tubular fermenter
was chosen as the vessel in which to grow the fungi because of
simplicity, ease of construction, low capital and working costs.

The work carried out attempted to present the relevant running data
required to design and build a tower fermenter for the growth of fungi.
Due to the nature of the fermenter it was found that filamentous fungi
were able to grow in the colony form. The mode of formation and the
kinetics of colony growth were studied together with their relevancies to
this particular project. Medium optimisation was Go investigated in
relation to the production of large amounts of protein rich biomass.
The nutritional aspects of the fungal end product was studied, in
particular the concentrations of amino acids in the mycelium. Conclusions
were therefore reached as to ‘the suitability of the system and the fungus
for the production of fungal biomass.
Date of Award1972
Original languageEnglish


  • Kinetics
  • mould growth
  • aerobic tower fermenters

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