Contesting Spain? The dynamics of nationalist movements in Catalonia and the Basque Country

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This collection offers an exploration of the dynamics behind contemporary shifts in the orientation of nationalist parties and movements with reference to Catalonia and the Basque Country in Spain. The volume is one of the first to focus comparatively on the rise of pro-sovereignty politics in mainstream nationalist parties, whose evolution has also featured more traditional impulses towards territorial accommodation within the wider state. Using the exceptionally rich laboratory provided by Spain, the book explores the dynamics behind shifts in the orientation of nationalist parties and movements once they have established themselves as electorally successful at regional level. Dimensions to the analysis include: the interaction of nationalist parties with central government; pressures from their support bases; competition between parties within the home region; and international influences.


Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationOxon (UK)
Number of pages146
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-31568-454-3
ISBN (Print)978-1-85743-806-2
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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NameEuropa Country Perspectives

Bibliographic note

Versions of the chapters were originally published in a special issue of Nationalist and Ethnic Politics, Volume 21, Issue 1, 2015.


  • Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country, nationalism


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