Trajectory files of MD simulation after 100ps at 200K(9f-3_new.xtc)

  • Dmitry Nerukh (Creator)
  • Elvira Tarasova (Contributor)
  • Vladimir Farafonov (Contributor)
  • Ivan Korotkin (Contributor)
  • Sergey Karabasov (Contributor)



Dataset underlying publication titled "Two-phase flow analogy as an effective boundary condition for modelling liquids at atomistic resolution"

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/J004308/1), Royal Society of London, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Academy of Engineering, Leverhulme Trust

Project: G8 Research Councils Initiative on Multilateral Research Funding
Date made available24 Mar 2016
PublisherAston Data Explorer
Temporal coverage9 Jun 2015 - 10 Jun 2015

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