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Room: MB 742b
Phone: +44 (0)121 204 3787
Email:  [email protected]

Research Interests

Multilingualism and language contact; language variation and change; lesser used languages (Yiddish and Low German).


I graduated from Hamburg University, completed a two year long teachers training course and was awarded the degree of Dr phil (PhD equivalent) in Linguistics from Hamburg University. For my PhD I analysed spoken modern Yiddish. My research since then focuses on multilingualism and language contact, language and globalization, lesser used languages (Yiddish and Low German).

Teaching Activity

  • Sociolinguistics

  • Introduction to language and communication
  • Multilingualism and globalization

  • Discourse analysis

  • Language contact and globalisation (MA level)

  • Introduction to Yiddish language and culture

Administrative Roles

Dean of Aston Graduate School


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