321 Tb/s E/S/C/L-band Transmission with E-band Bismuth-Doped Fiber Amplifier and Optical Processor

Benjamin J. Puttnam, Ruben S. Luis, Yetian Huang, Ian Phillips, Dicky Chung, Nicolas K. Fontaine, Budsara Boriboon, G. Rademacher, Mikael Mazur, Lauren Dallachiesa, Haoshuo Chen, Wladek Forysiak, Ray Man, Roland Ryf, David T. Neilson, Hideaki Furukawa

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Using a newly developed bismuth doped fiber amplifier operating across the E-band and a multi-port optical processor, we investigate wideband E/S/C/L-band transmission with signal bandwidths up to 27.8 THz and distances up to 200 km. Dense wavelength-division multiplexed (D-WDM) transmission is enabled by using a combination of thulium, erbium and bismuth doped-fiber amplifiers in combination with distributed Raman amplification. For 50 km transmission, we transmit a wideband DWDM signal comprising 1097 channels covering 212.3 nm (27.8 THz) from 1410.8 nm to 1623.1 nm for a record single-mode fiber (SMF) data-rate of 321 Tb/s (301 Tb/s after decoding), an increase of 25% on the previous record data-rate. We further show single span transmission at 100 km and 150 km before recording 270.9 Tb/s (258.1 Tb/s after decoding) for 200 km transmission over 2 amplified spans. These results show the potential of E-band transmission, to increase the information carrying capability of optical fibers and open the door to multi-band fiber networks built on already deployed fibers.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Lightwave Technology
Early online date20 Mar 2024
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 20 Mar 2024

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  • Multi-band transmission
  • Optical amplifier
  • Optical fiber amplifiers
  • Optical fiber devices
  • Optical fiber networks
  • Optical fibers
  • Optical transmitters
  • Raman amplifier
  • Stimulated emission
  • Wavelength division multiplexing
  • Wideband transmission


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