Nir Erdinest, David Berkow

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Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a very common phenomenon amongst computer users. A total of 90% of computer users, who spend more than 3 hours a day in front of the computer screen, suffer from CVS. CVS is also known as digital eye strain or visual fatigue and includes symptoms that are a result of continuous work in front of the different types of computer screens or other types of digital screens. An updated differentiation divides the cause of the symptoms into three separate categories which include visual symptoms, symptoms resulting from the digital screen itself and symptoms resulting from the ocular surface. CVS includes a wide range of symptoms which are non-specific (asthenopia), which include eye fatigue, eye strain, pain in and around the eye, blurred vision, headaches and even diplopia (double vision). Asthenopia and dry eye are the core symptoms of CVS. There are many solutions and ways to treat the different symptoms related to the vision, the screen and ocular surface and especially the symptoms related to the issue of dry eye. The treatment of CVS is focused around the different groups of symptoms and it is recommended to give a combined treatment for all the symptomatic groups. The correction of residual astigmatism, accommodation issues, base-in or base-up prisms and the correction of vergence reserves to maintain vision aspects. Changing the lighting, correct positioning of the screen and correcting the direction of gaze in relation to symptoms which are connected to the screen and artificial tears, as well as increasing the blink rate and increasing the level of moisture of the air in the room, all assist in treating the symptoms of dry eye. Blue light also has some effect on CVS and as a precaution it is recommended to reduce, as much as possible, blue light radiation that enters the eye or is emitted from the computer screen.
Original languageHebrew
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Specialist publicationHarefuah
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021


  • Accommodation, Ocular
  • Asthenopia/diagnosis
  • Computers
  • Dry Eye Syndromes/diagnosis
  • Humans
  • Vision Disorders/diagnosis

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