Delivering Value for Money with BIM-embedded Housing Refurbishment

Ki Pyung Kim, Kenneth Sungho Park

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The aim of this research is to examine if BIM is feasible as an information management platform to determine a financially and environmentally affordable housing refurbishment solution based on the LCC and LCC calculation.
A case study in conjunction with BIM simulation approach using BIM tools (Autodesk Revit and IES VE/IMPACT) was adopted to identify the feasibility of BIM for the simultaneous formulation of LCC and LCA in housing refurbishment.
This research reveals that BIM is a suitable for the information management platform to enable construction professionals to consider trade-off relationship between LCC and LCA simultaneously, and determine the most financially and environmentally affordable refurbishment solution. The interoperability issues in data exchange among different BIM tools and unstandardized BIM object libraries with incomplete datasets of construction materials are recognized as the major shortcomings in a BIM system. Essential remedial actions to overcome the shortcomings in the current BIM tools are identified.
Actual housing information and various refurbishment materials for the BIM simulation are limited.
This research contribute to supporting construction professionals to prepare practical BIM adoption for the integration of the LCC and LCA that can significantly improve early decision makings on sustainable housing refurbishment.
This research will contribute to providing proper remedial actions to overcome the shortcomings in the current BIM tools, and insights for construction professionals to understand the implication of BIM-embedded housing refurbishment.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)657-675
Issue number13/14
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2018

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Ki Pyung Kim, Kenneth Sungho Park, (2018) "Delivering value for money with BIM-embedded housing refurbishment", Facilities, Vol. 36 Issue: 13/14, pp.657-675,


  • BIM
  • housing refurbishment
  • LCC
  • LCA
  • sustainable construction
  • construction technology


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