Translated title of the contribution: Introduction

Raquel Medina, Barbars Zecchi

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Sexualidad y Escritura (1850-2000) is a collection of thirteen essays which focus on the complex relationship between gender and writing in Spain from 1850 to 2000. This collection aims to provide a specifically Spanish cultural and historical context to the study of gender and writing and to challenge the effectiveness and validity of applying and adapting some feminist theory (based mainly in French and Anglo literary traditions) to works by both male and female Spanish writers. The introduction sets the tone of the essays it contains by discussing the Gilbert and Guar’s concept of female authors anxiety of authorship, and the reasons why their notions of the male dominated writing profession does not necessarily apply to Spanish literature of the nineteenth century in particular. The notable presence and success of female writers during the Romantic period and the way in which they in effect managed to feminize the writing profession illustrates how very different the Spanish literary context is from French, English or American models. The editors state that, rather than needing to work up the courage to take up the pen and publish their works, the issue facing Spanish women writers during parts of the last 150 years has been how to either maintain or regain their authorial voice and their place in letters, fighting to keep their heads above the rising and falling tides of literary trends.
Translated title of the contributionIntroduction
Original languageSpanish
Title of host publicationSexualidad y escrituta (1850-2000)
EditorsRaquel Medina, Barbara Zecchi
Place of PublicationBarcelona (ES)
Number of pages23
ISBN (Print)978-84-7658-637-2, 84-7658-637-X
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2001

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NameCultura y diferencia


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