Structural changes of erythrocyte membrane revealed by 3D confocal optical profilometer

Tatiana A. Lomanovskaya, Gennadii A. Piavchenko, Vladislav Soldatov, Artem A. Venediktov, Egor A. Kuzmin, Natalia L. Kartashkina, Svetlana G. Mukhamedova, Tatiana V. Boronikhina, Aleksandr G. Markov, Dmitry V. Telyshev, Igor Meglinski, Alexander N. Yatskovskiy

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We examined hematological changes influenced by the experimental hypervitaminosis A. The 3D confocal optical profilometer was applied for assessment of the erythrocytes’ membrane structural changes influenced by an overdose of vitamin A. The blood smears were evaluated in terms of alterations of geometrical and optical parameters of erythrocytes for two groups of animals: oil base and retinol palmitate (n=9 animals for each group). The results demonstrate that an overdose of retinol palmitate causes changes in the torus curvature and pallor of discocytes, their surface area and volume. The observed structural malformations of the shape of red blood cells become visible at the earlier pre-clinical stage of changes in animal state and behavior. With this in mind, the results of the study open a new area of research in the certain dysfunction diagnosis of red blood cells and have a great potential in the further development of new curative protocols.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Biophotonics
Early online date4 Aug 2022
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 4 Aug 2022

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Funding Information: Gennadii A. Piavchenko and Igor Meglinski acknowledge funding from the Academy of Finland (projects 325097 and 351068). This work was funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation within the framework of State support for the creation and development of World‐Class Research Centers “Digital Biodesign and Personalized Healthcare” No. 075‐15‐2022‐304 and partially funded by the Leverhulme Trust and The Royal Society (Ref. no.: APX111232 APEX Awards 2021). Tatiana A. Lomanovskaya and Gennadii A. Piavchenko contributed equally to this work. The authors acknowledge Mrs. Tatiana Koryashkina for her artwork in this article.


  • 3D confocal optical profilometry
  • erythrocyte morphology
  • hypervitaminosis A
  • morphodensitometric traits
  • retinol palmitate


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