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    Syed research on corporate finance, corporate risk management, debt structure, stock liquidity, and political uncertainty. These key areas of study hold significant importance in understanding and managing the complexities of modern business environments. By focusing on corporate risk management, Syed aims to identify the strategies that organizations can implement to mitigate potential risks and achieve potential benefits (e.g., reduction in bankruptcy risk, cash flow volatility, and value enhancement).

    In exploring the intricacies of debt structure, Syed focuses on the various types of debt instruments available to companies and how these choices impact their bankruptcy risk and value. Understanding stock liquidity is crucial for assessing the ease with which a company's shares can be bought or sold in the market, reflecting investor sentiment and market dynamics.

    Moreover, Syed's interest in political uncertainty examines the key external factors that can influence business operations and financial markets. By addressing these multidimensional aspects, Syed's research contributes valuable insights to the field of finance and risk management, positioning him as a notable contributor in academia. He published in CABS 3-rated journal.


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