Amplification schemes and multi-channel DBP for unrepeatered transmission

Lidia Galdino, Mingming Tan, Alex Alvarado, Domaniç Lavery, Paweł Rosa, Robert Maher, Juan Diego Ania-Castañón, Paul Harper, Sergejs Makovejs, Benn C. Thomsen, Polina Bayvel

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The performance of unrepeatered transmission of a seven Nyquist-spaced 10 GBd PDM-16QAM superchannel using full signal band coherent detection and multi-channel digital back propagation (MC-DBP) to mitigate nonlinear effects is analysed. For the first time in unrepeatered transmission, the performance of two amplification systems is investigated and directly compared in terms of achievable information rates (AIRs): 1) erbium-doped fibre amplifier (EDFA) and 2) second-order bidirectional Raman pumped amplification. The experiment is performed over different span lengths, demonstrating that, for an AIR of 6.8 bit/s/Hz, the Raman system enables an increase of 93 km (36 %) in span length. Further, at these distances, MC-DBP gives an improvement in AIR of 1 bit/s/Hz (to 7.8 bit/s/Hz) for both amplification schemes. The theoretical AIR gains for Raman and MC-DBP are shown to be preserved when considering low-density parity-check codes. Additionally, MC-DBP algorithms for both amplification schemes are compared in terms of performance and computational complexity. It is shown that to achieve the maximum MC-DBP gain, the Raman system requires approximately four times the computational complexity due to the distributed impact of fibre nonlinearity.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2221-2227
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Lightwave Technology
Issue number9
Early online date21 Jan 2016
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2016

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Funding: EPSRC [UNLOC (EP/J017582/1)]; and National Council for Scientific
and Technological Development (CNPQ-Brazil).


  • achievable information rates
  • coherent detection
  • forward error correction (FEC)
  • optical fibre communication
  • Raman amplification
  • unrepeatered transmission


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