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86-GBaud subcarrier multiplexed 16QAM signal generation using an electrical 90 degree hybrid and IQ mixers

Zhang, T. (Creator), Sanchez Costa, C. (Creator), Skvortcov, P. (Creator), Ferreira, F. (Creator), Sygletos, S. (Creator), Phillips, I. (Creator), Forysiak, W. (Creator) & Ellis, A. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 17 Apr 2019


Filter Bank Multi-Sub-Band Transmission for Optical Systems with Mode Multiplexing

Santos, L. F. D. (Creator), Ferreira, F. (Creator), Ellis, A. (Creator) & Mello, D. A. A. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 14 Feb 2019


Performance Estimation of Discrete Raman Amplification within Broadband Optical Networks

Krzczanowicz, L. (Creator), Al-Khateeb, M. A. Z. (Creator), Iqbal, M. A. (Creator), Phillips, I. (Creator), Harper, P. (Creator) & Forysiak, W. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 3 May 2019


Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Effects on Water Structuring and Adhesion in Denture Adhesives

Gill, S. (Creator), Roohpour, N. (Creator), An, Y. (Creator), Gautrot, J. E. (Creator), Topham, P. (Creator) & Tighe, B. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 29 Jan 2018


Effect of support oxygen storage capacity on the catalytic performance of Rh nanoparticles for CO2 reforming of methane

Yentekakis, I. V. (Creator), Goula, G. (Creator), Hatzisymeon, M. (Creator), Betsi-argyropoulou, I. (Creator), Botzolaki, G. (Creator), Kousi, K. (Creator), Kondarides, D. I. (Creator), Taylor, M. (Creator), Parlett, C. (Creator), Osatiashtiani, A. (Creator), Kyriakou, G. (Creator), Holgado, J. P. (Creator) & Lambert, R. M. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 21 Nov 2018


Tuneable Denture Adhesives using Biomimetic Principles for Enhanced Tissue Adhesion in Moist Environments

Gill, S. (Creator), Roohpour, N. (Creator), Topham, P. (Creator) & Tighe, B. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 27 Oct 2017