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Claire Farrow
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United Kingdom

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Research interests

I am interested in the factors that influence eating behaviour and weight gain or weight loss, particularly in children. I have expertise in longitudinal research and in using observational and experimental designs.  I am particularly interested in the impact of parental feeding practices on children’s food preferences and in the role of family mealtimes. I am interested in the development of eating behaviour and weight in Low and Middle Income Countries and am currently collaborating with partners in Kenya. I have expertise in using digital interventions to support child eating behaviour and have co-developed the 'Child Feeding Guide' wesbite and training resource for parents and professionals and 'Vegetable Maths Masters' app for children and teachers to support healthy eating behaviour. 

I am a Chartered Psychologist, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.




2007: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

2005: Ph.D. Psychology, The University of Birmingham

2001: B.Sc. Psychology, First Class (hons.), The University of Birmingham



2017 – present: Reader in Child Eating Behaviour (Psychology) & Director of the Applied Health Research Group, Aston University

2010 – 2013: Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Loughborough University

2007 - 2010: Lecturer in Psychology, Loughborough University

2005 - 2007: Lecturer in Psychology, Keele University

2004 - 2005: Research Fellow, The University of Birmingham


Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member of the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowships (UKRI FLF) programme Peer Review College
  • Good Clinical Practice training (Secondary Care, NIHR training, 2016)
  • Informed Consent in Paediatric Research training (NIHR training, 2016)
  • Trained RITE mentor for Senior Fellowship of Higher Education Academy (2016 – present)
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2015 – present)
  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (2014 – present)
  • Chartered Psychologist (2010 – present)
  • Committee member of the Midlands Universities Children and Infants eating Group (2017 – present)
  • Committee member of the National Steering Group for Children’s Feeding Problems (2008 – 2016)
  • Member of the British Feeding and Drinking Group (2008 – present)


Teaching Activity

PY1129: Introduction to Psychology; tutorials

PY2240: Lifespan development; module leader

PY3008: Appetite, development and regulation: module leader

PYPLO6: Psychology placements; supervisor

PY3346: Psychology final year project; supervisor


If you are interested in applying for a PhD in the field of eating behaviour (adult or child eating behaviour) please contact me directly by email for further details of potential projects. 

If you are a PhD qualified researcher from outside of the UK and are interested in applying for a Marie-Curie Fellowship to come and work at Aston on projects of mutual interest (related to eating behaviour or weight) please contact me for further details (also see: http://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/about-mca/actions/index_en.htm).

Funding Applications and Awards

  • Farrow, C., Shapiro, L., & Wadende, P. (2019-2020). A school closer to home: aligning the home and school environment around language and mealtimes in Ainamoi, Kenya, Aston University GCRF prize scheme.
  • Povey, R., Blissett, J., & Farrow, C. (2017-2019). Psychological perspectives on healthy eating in children. British Psychological Society Research Seminars Fund
  • Farrow, C., Lumsden, J., Haycraft, E., Coulthard, C., & Thomas, J. (2016-2019). Fruit and Vegetable Maths Masters: disseminating psychological evidence in a fun mobile application to improve children’s eating through the home, preschool or school. British Psychological Society. 
  • Haycraft, E., Witcomb, G. & Farrow, C. (2017).  Enhanced optimisation of the Child Feeding Guide website and app. Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF; via Loughborough University Enterprise Project Group).
  • Farrow, C., Heath, G., Pattison, H., Barrett, L., Chiswell, C., & Evans, T. (2016). Treating comorbid obesity in children with asthma, Birmingham Children’s Hospital. 
  • Coulthard, H., Farrow, C., & Haycraft, E. (2016).  5-a-day fillers:  Development and preliminary validation of a mobile app to increase children’s exposure to, and liking of, vegetables.  Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF; via De Montfort University).
  • Haycraft, E., Witcomb, G., & Farrow, C. (2015-2016).  Child Feeding Guide website sponsorship.  Riverside Cares, UK.  
  • Tarrant, M., Kos, K., Daly, M., & Farrow, C (2012-2015). Using social identity to promote well-being and reduce maladaptive eating amongst morbidly obese people, The Leverhulme Trust: Research Project Grant. 
  • Farrow, C., Haycraft, E., & Mitchell, G., (2011-2015). Guide to Child Feeding Difficulties mobile app, Loughborough Enterprise Group.
  • Haycraft, E., Witcomb G., & Farrow, C. (2014). A half day training event to deliver tipsandtools about childfeeding to healthcare professionals. Loughborough Enterprise Group.
  • Meyer, C., Farrow, C., Dovey, T., Wallis, D., & Haycraft, E (2010-2013). Feeding Disorders Diagnosis and Outreach. The Garfield Weston Foundation. 
  • Haycraft, E., Mitchell, G., & Farrow, C. (2013). Tipsandtoolsfor childfeeding: A halfday trainingevent for childcare providers, Loughborough Enterprise Group.
  • Inglis, M., Gilmore, C., Haycraft, E., & Farrow, C. (2012-2013). Development of a Toddler Research Lab, Research Capital Investment Fund. 
  • Griffiths, P., Kulkarni, B., Cameron, N., & Farrow, C.  (2011-2012). Developmental origins of inequalities for risk factors for disease/poor wellbeing through infancy – Indian-UK Scientific Seminar, The Royal Society.
  • Farrow, C. (2006). Royal Society Travel Award.
  • Farrow, C., Crisp, R., Walsh, J., & Blissett, J. (2005-2006). Interpersonal attachment and social identification. ESRC. 


  • 2016: Nominated for the Rosalind Franklin Appathon Competition (UCL advances) to recognise leading women in STEMM who have pioneered new apps for research, societal good and enterprise.     
  • 2015: Highly Commended for the Best App for the Child Feeding Guide, Loughborough University
  • 2014: Winner of Social Enterprise Award for the Child Feeding Guide, Loughborough University.     
  • 2014: Highly Commended for the Intellectual Property Award for the Child Feeding Guide, Loughborough University
  • 2014, 2015 & 2016: nominated/ won Astonishing Academic Awards (most supportive academic,  best personal tutor, and  most motivational academic, Life and Health Sciences, Aston University)

PhD Supervision

  • Rebecca Stone. Emotion regulation and the development of early emotional eating: The interaction of mood state, child temperament and parental feeding practices. April 2019 onwards.
  • Christopher Delivett. Memory distortions and biases as consequences of, and contributors to, (un)healthy eating. July 2018 onwards.
  • Nabila Jones. The impact of visual loss on nutritional status. January 2018 onwards.
  • Lily Hawkins: Social norms, social media and eating behaviour. October 2017 onwards.
  • Rebecca Clark: Treating comorbid obesity in children with asthma. Jan 2017 onwards
  • Nikki Tuck: Understanding the Effects of Vegetable Consumption on Psychological Wellbeing and Cognitive Performance. Jan 2017 onwards. 
  • Dr Clare Holley: “Why don’t you try it again?” factors associated with repeated exposure to fruits and vegetables during early childhood. Completed June 2016.
  • Dr Laura Houldcroft: Peer and friendship influences on eating behaviour in school children: a longitudinal study.  Completed July 2015.
  • Dr Faye Powell: Family- environmental influences on child eating behaviour: a longitudinal and observational evaluation from 2-4 years. Completed December 2012.
  • Dr Michelle Haslam: Interpersonal functioning and eating-related psychopathology.  Completed January 2012.
  • Dr Chuma Owuamalam: Responses to Meta-stereotype activation among members of devalued groups. Completed July 2009. 

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