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Facile synthesis of hierarchical Cu2O nanocubes as visible light photocatalysts

Kumar, S. (Creator), Parlett, C. (Creator), Isaacs, M. A. (Creator), Jowett, D. V. (Creator), Douthwaite, R. E. (Creator), Cockett, M. C. R. (Creator) & Lee, A. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 20 Feb 2016


On the influence of Si:Al ratio and hierarchical porosity of FAU zeolites in solid acid catalysed esterification pretreatment of bio-oil

Osatiashtiani, A. (Creator), Puértolas, B. (Creator), Oliveira, C. C. S. (Creator), C. Manayil, J. (Creator), Barbero, B. (Creator), Isaacs, M. (Creator), Michailof, C. (Creator), Heracleous, E. (Creator), Pérez-Ramírez, J. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator) & Wilson, K. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 22 Mar 2017


Hierarchical mesoporous Pd/ZSM-5 for the selective catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of m-cresol to methylcyclohexane

Hunns, J. (Creator), Arroyo, M. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator), Escola, J. M. (Creator), Serrano, D. (Creator) & Wilson, K. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 26 May 2016


High Power Q-Switched Thulium Doped Fibre Laser using Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composite Saturable Absorber

Chernysheva, M. (Creator), Mou, C. (Creator), Arif, R. (Contributor), Al Araimi, M. (Creator), Turitsyn, S. (Supervisor), Rozhin, A. (Supervisor) & Rümmeli, M. (Contributor), Aston Data Explorer, 11 Apr 2016


Isolator-free switchable uni- and bidirectional hybrid mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser

Chernysheva, M. (Creator), Al Araimi, M. (Creator), Kbashi, H. (Creator), Arif, R. (Creator), Sergeyev, S. (Creator) & Rozhin, A. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 11 Jul 2016


Pore confinement effects and stabilization of carbon nitride oligomers in macroporous silica for photocatalytic hydrogen production

Qiao, S. (Creator), Mitchell, R. W. (Creator), Coulson, B. (Creator), Jowett, D. V. (Creator), Johnson, B. R. G. (Creator), Brydson, R. M. D. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator) & Douthwaite, R. E. (Creator), 17 May 2016


Photodeposition as a facile route to tunable Pt photocatalysts for hydrogen production: on the role of methanol

Jiang, Z. (Creator), Zhang, Z. (Creator), Shangguan, W. (Creator), Isaacs, M. A. (Creator), Durndell, L. (Creator), Parlett, C. (Creator) & Lee, A. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 1 Jan 2016


Mesoporous sulfonic acid silicas for pyrolysis bio-oil upgrading via acetic acid esterification

C. Manayil, J. (Creator), Inocencio, C. V. M. (Creator), Lee, A. (Creator) & Wilson, K. (Creator), Aston Data Explorer, 2015